January 11, 2009

The Rain is Jealous!!!

It was new years Eve In Broumana, a Lebanese Village in Lebanon. We were coming up from Beirut and the snow storm started..I walked out of the car and i was besieged with snow falling. I never felt something so light , yet so overwhelming!

Pure, untainted,Pristine, white..falling from the skies. I thought at that moment that the rain would be so jealous from it...Who wouldn't be? from such perfection?

I held my hands to the skies in an attempt to collect as much as i can... Mirielle saw me and exclaimed: "Loulwa, we will wake up tomorrow morning and make a snow man.."

Ok i mumbled.i wasn't quite satisifed..why should i wait for tomorrow morning. Who can gurantee that the sun would melt them, steal them away ..as part of a conspiracy plan to help the grudged rain?

But i had to go back because it was 15 minutes away from midnight..Yes it's going to be year 2009.

Frankly,i didnt want 2008 to end..It was my best year ever.So many things happened, i had the best semester in AUB and the best summer..the best birthday..met the best people..

I felt 2008 made me more mature ..It ripened in many feelings and way of thinking !

How can i let 2008 pass @ 12:00 am?? I felt frustrated about the idea that i cant change an inevitable thing.

But as this snow brought me smiles and surprises as if to sooth my pain and assure to me that 2009 will be as good as 2008..I soon realized that we should put high expectations on the Skies above but rarely on the people around!

Maybe this white fluffy powder will be in my recipe for the year 2009…