About the Blog

Pearl, the blogger and the Food Scientist,  is sprinkling her powder of thoughts about food! All the News & Events served from the Farm, to the Factory to the Fork!

Pearl's Powder is not just a recipe sharing blog but it is more about experimenting and experiencing food in a different perspective!Then, seasoning it a bit with the hottest trends and events in the food and beverage industry, the latest scientific discoveries in the field of food science and technology, as well untangling all the myths that people think about food, safety, nutrition and eating.

This is all for the purpose of keeping an awareness culture that appreciates and values food, not just as a necessity, but as a beautiful blessing we often disregard and take for granted.

The blog is also a portal for advocating consumer rights in Lebanon and trying to spread this culture of food in the MENA region, from a scientific, psychological, health, and aesthetic perspective.

About the Blogger

I am Pearl, the blogger and my real name is Loulwa ; the Arabian (originated from the Gulf) meaning of  "The Pearl"  in English.

At the beginning of my blogging in 2008, I wrote about love, science, famine, peace, war, and music...Later in 2010, and after my friends' and family's support, I focused my blog mainly on food.

I am holder of Bachelor and Master degree from the American University of Beirut, with  have humble experience in population health & statistics, food science and sensory research, obesity economics, as well as teaching and working in social media and marketing, and lately in the food business development.

That's why I am harnessing the power of social media to share my knowledge of food science and technology to the society around me, by blogging about food memories and cultural encounters, restaurants, cafes and industry innovations, and nutrition and food safety awareness.