March 17, 2009

A Burnt Tongue

The tongue..the most simple organ yet the most influential organ in food tasting! It has has about 10,000 taste buds!!! Can you imagine its senstivity to the different flavors??

For me, as ridiculous as the idea might seem, but i love my tongue! It gives me a special feeling of comfort when i am eating .Why? Because its like the warning sign for any undesirable food..No i wont consider my tongue as the " control" agent but rather as the signal light!
It makes me be a connoisseur of food..& i like this when tasting food : to distinguish the ingredients used and to evaluate them!!

But then why is the title " burnt tongue", well obviously , i burnt my tongue with the hot coffee.
Unfortunately, i have a bad habit of eating and drinking everything at 100*C !
But i hated the feeling that i have a burnt tongue..I couldnt taste anything and worse my food and water tasted badly tooo..i dunno y? heheh

Anyways, i thought at that moment that my heart is burnt too because of many things..& i am tasting life so differently.. I am feeling numb to things that are around me just like i was tasting food numbly!!

To be continued...........