August 18, 2011

Humans,what do they taste like ?

 Perhaps this post will cause disgust to many people. Perhaps it might raise interest.

And yes I do agree , it is not   religiously , morally, and ethically, acceptable to actually "eat humans".
But as a food scientist, we needed to learn about the taste of "humans" in our studies. So, the question was " What does Human Flesh taste like?" .
The answere was  not by making us taste the flesh  in class, but rather by reading few research papers from  Food Science Scholars . And how did these scholars describ human flesh taste??
Well , definitely they didn't conduct sensory tests on human samples.
What they did was   interviewing some tribes ( who are cannibals of course, or whose ancestors were)  and asking them about their gustatory experience when they eat it.  Maybe it wont be a precise description ,even biased, but that's what's sensory  is all about ;  a personal experience that differs between one person and another according to his/ her own taste buds, memories, and personalities.

One interesting paper reviewed this topic was done by Gary Allen ( Culinary Institute of America) titled as:
"What is the Flavor of Human Flesh? It was  Presented at the Symposium Cultural and Historical Aspects of Foods . Oregon State university, year 1999.
Here is a script of some parts of the paper: ( if your interested you can read the remainder here )

"   Anthropologist Jeremy MacClancy described the taste of human flesh -- based not upon his own     experience, mind you, but upon the testimony of some of the natives of the New Hebrides islands of the South Pacific:

"From all accounts, human meat is very sweet, in Vanuatu, they say that the flesh of a black man is sweet, whereas the flesh of a white man is really quite salty and stringy, they say it's not so nice."[2]
Derek, a member of the Dani tribe in Irian Jaya reminisced about the taste of human flesh in an article in the Baltimore Morning Sun, in May 1992:
"Deliciouiversity, Corvallis, OR.
.Old ones are tough. Young men and women taste better. And babies taste like fish. The flesh is very soft.["3]<  "