May 28, 2010

Miniature of a City

I found this awesome video.
It reminded me of the time my brother used to do his engineering projects .Usually, i would just stand away from him , observing him, his patience, his accuracy in building and glueing things on top of each other. I never tried doing one of those.
I think they need a special talent by the hands.
I would not hesitate though to make one of Beirut !!

And not to forget that this video is a miniature of NYC .....imagine how much time it took them to make it!! It really made my day when i watched that video.

May 17, 2010

Food , Accessories and a Camera!

 Amazing Talent by one of my favorite  photographers!
Italian award winning , Fulvio Bonavia!

It is really all about taste ;)

May 9, 2010

The First Annual Lebanese Bloggers Convention at AUB

" In coordination with Outlook, AUB's official newspaper, Mind Soup is hosting the first Lebanese Bloggers Convention at AUB on Wednesday May 19th, 2010 at 5:00 PM in AUB West Hall Auditorium A.

During the convention/workshop, Lebanese guest bloggers will introduce the world of blogging to students and encourage them to express their ideas and opinions using personal blogs.

Also on the agenda is discussing the impact of blogging on the freedom of speech in Lebanon and the effect of blogging on the Lebanese society and culture.

Bloggers from all over Lebanon will be sharing their experiences with each other and the audience. We are expecting a variety of bloggers to attend. These include journalists, comic-artists, poets, and students who write in both Arabic and English language.

Everyone is welcome to attend, so invite your friends (even if they are not bloggers). If you are a non-AUB student and would like to attend, please send an email to so that your access to AUB's closed campus can be facilitated!

If you are a blogger and would like to be featured in this convention, please fill in this form: after reading the rules below.

Rules for applying (as guest speaker):
- You should be a Lebanese blogger or an Arab blogger operating in Lebanon and can attend the blogger convention in AUB (Beirut)
- You should be 18 years of age or older.
- You should own a self-operated blog.
- Your blog should be at least 6-month old (updated on a weekly basis) or 1 year old (updated on a monthly basis).
- The convention is probably going to be in the English language, so you should understand English. However, you can speak in Arabic for your part if you like.

May 4, 2010

Cliche-ing The Three

Here i am. Cliche-ing again.
I hate it when my mind is full of cliches things to write.
But i guess life is a cliche thing for all of us.
Maybe not routine. But cliche. Something that is experienced, said, done , and made by million people before us!!

A cliche thing that i was contemplating about today was about 3 things.

Three elements of life we can never deny. Have a guess??
Well they are : Time , Truth and hearts.

Time can never be denied. It is a always the factor in our lives.Everytime you think or act, you think of time and time .And, It is time that makes all the differnce.

The second element is Truth , no matter how you conceal, it always has its ways to show up- sooner or later.

And ofcorse, hearts, the third element. How you feel towards a person, can never be concealed. Whether hate, love, lust,anger,admiration or envy...They eventually loom out . And it is, as if our heart was an external organ, not an internal one!

Some might argue with that by saying how come some people are able to hide their feelings, or to act infront of others.. But then this makes me come back to element 2: Truth.

Your feelings have a truthful nature. And truth cant be denied, consequently, feelings cant either.

It is a closed loop between these 3 elements, and they can never be denied.

I remembered a wonderful quote that combines those 3 elements :
"They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that's true. What they don't tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up. " Big fish movie.

May 2, 2010

Shuffle! & Let it go!

My best part of the day is listening to music. Whether on my 10 minute walk to work or down to class or whether during a car/bus ride or even during studying. And Whether on radio or my WMP laptop or my sansa! Particularly,I love it when it is on shuffle. Cose it forces me to listen to songs i havent listened to in ages .
I used to go to before they prohibited it in Lebanon and other countries.
It is a wonderful site because it introduces to me similar young artists that play the same music i like from famous musicians/ bands.
But since i was frustrated that Pandora doesnt work, i kept searching for sites that provide similar services, like and many others that seemed fine.
There is one particular website i am currently using, which not only gives you the artists that you might like but also asks you for your mood right now and dancing feeling!!
Check it out : . It is like a whole" Music- Adaptation" environment!

Shuffling , i was today with my Sansa, i came across Carlos Santana 's collection. Oh wow i haven't listened to him since my first year undergrad, i.e around 3 years ago!
I love how he plays the guitar. ( I dont intend to write a review about him) but i love his passion, and the unique music he creates . The music takes you to another place, or even more, it is like your soul singing.>I remembered the first CD i got for Santana was the " Marathon " album ( 1979). I didnt buy it back then , i found it in My dad's CDs collection covered with Dust along with Bach music and Beethoven and other classicals. Surprisingly, dad got it as gift and he never listened to it. So, i saved it after 25 years of a forgotten fate . That is how i met the King of Guitar, Carlos Santana.
I didnt have musicovery or jango or pandora or the like!!! I just had a pile of dirt-covered dusty CDs and a sense of curiosity!! :)