February 28, 2014

Homemade Chocolate Lazy Cake, Straight from the Freezer

A heat wave that hit Riyadh city in the past few days....after months of constant cold -actually freezing- weather.
And since the winter season also ended in Lebanon (Who knew that this year the weather would be that weird? ), So nothing is better than starting the spring/summer season but having this lazy cake, served straight from the freezer.

Well, I honestly don't know why lazy cakes are cakes. They dont even contain eggs or flour, the two major ingredients to bake a cake. It is obviously a No Bake Cake!
So, I'd rather call my lazy cake as chocolate bars or biscuits. Homemade Kitkat might also be another name.

The taste is inspired from my favorite chocolate bar: Lindt Orange chocolate.

Here is a quick recipe:

February 27, 2014

Cooking for Kids: Chef Ducasse Book & an Online Course

Cooking for kids has been a major trend in the Food and Beverage as well as the Health Industry.
No, I dont mean putting up a "Kids Meal" in restaurants and fast food chains...

But what I mean designing special dedicated meals, books, and cooking courses dedicated for our kids.
This is all due to the obesity rates and facts among children.

Childhood Obesity Facts

      Source: Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Cooking for Kids: New Book by Chef Alain Ducasse