September 7, 2014

The Sizzling Skillet Experience at AppleBee's

The best thing about cooking in home is hearing this sizzling sound of the ingredients getting infused together, under the heat of the fire... As if they are dancing in a rhythm so strong and fierce, yet so amusing and so folklorish.

When you are in a restaurant, you are are able to watch your food cooked "live" ..But can you really hear it? Hear this dance? Hear this sizzling effect?

Last week, I was in Apple bee's and they launched some exclusive and new menu items called : " The Sizzlers". All served on a 400C Creole-style skillet .
Good chance that I was able to try them before October . Luckily, the sizzling desserts are staying on the menu though!
Sizzling Steak

Sizzling Desserts (Video)