May 14, 2014

Chef Joe Barza at The Globe

Fine Dining in Riyadh is a rare thing to find. Only few places in this boring city offer an exciting and new experience for food connoisseurs. 

The signature restaurant of Faisaliyah hotel, The Globe, is unique among Riyadh restaurants. Encapsulated in the stunning golden geodesic orb that tops Al Faisaliah Tower. Sitting there you can enjoy a unique perspective of Riyadh city panoramic landscape, thus creating an unmatched saudi arabian fine dining experience.
I had a business dinner at the second “Globe Summit Series 2014” in April.
It was a very luxurious setting coupled with the art of Lebanese cuisine done by world renowned Chef Joe Barza.
Barza prepared several personal dishes from his select menu. Though we asked to meet the chef, the chef left and were not able to see the live cooking demonstration that the event planners promised us that he will come.