January 25, 2010

Behind My Hazel eyes..

You cant miss what you can't remember. & You cant grieve over what you can't see.
So yes, ignorance is bliss.

People give you hope then take them away from you in just seconds. They show you how much they love you but then take it all back the next day.
So yes, be pessimistic when your expecting something.

Life lets you dream . You try your best to achieve them . But then fate interferes and disrupts the whole plan.
So yes let them go.

Many other things makes your heart breaks , your body trembles and your mind fractures.
So yes, just be numb.

Worst case scenarios from behind my own hazel eyes.

When you love a city

" When you love a city and have explored it frequently on foot, your body, not to mention your soul, gets to know the streets so well after a number of years that in a fit of melancholy,perhaps stirred by a light falling ever so sorrowfully, you’ll discover your legs carrying you of their own accord toward one of your favorite promontories.

This was a sentence I came across as I was reading a historical book for the turkish Nobel Prize winner , Orhan Pamuk, called " My Name is Red". The main characters in the novel are miniaturists in the Ottoman Empire. The events revolve around the murder of one of the painters. Pamuk follows a very unique style of changing the narrator with every chapter. Not just this, Orhan uses different unexpected voices, like the coin , or satan...All these events take place during the 16th century in the city of Istanbul in Nine snowy days.

I dont want to elaborate more on the novel.. I just wanted to express my thoughts about the lines that I posted at the beginning.One of the things that are good about not having a car or driving is that I memorize the streets of Beirut by heart. Orhan Pamuk have said it right.

It is true when you love a city, your whole being drives you to the most place you like, to the place you find yourself, to the most place you feel alone and at the same time you feel you have the whole world in your hands. Such a special place, that you wish you can live in it forever, but you know deeply you can't. There are other places waiting for you but this place will be in your heart forever.

January 24, 2010

French Edible Expressions

French. Such an interesting culture, especially when it comes to food. Maybe because french food is such a delicate and exquisite cuisine, it is as well extremely diverse.
This cuisine was greatly affected by the social and political change throughout the centuries.. The Middle Ages brought Guillaume Tirel, better known as Taillevent. However, during the modern age, there was a trend for using fewer spices and more liberal usage of herbs and refined techniques, beginning with La Varenne and then with the famous chef of Napoleon , Marie-Antoine Carême.
French cuisine was codified in the 20th century by Georges Auguste Escoffier to become the modern version of haute cuisine. Haute cuisine which means literally "high cooking"or grande cuisine.
Finally, in the 1960s were marked by the appearance of "nouvelle cuisine" as chefs rebelled from Escoffier's "orthodoxy". Within 20 years, however, chefs began returning to the earlier style of haute cuisine, although many of the new techniques remained.
Gastro-tourism helped to bring people to the countryside during the 20th century and beyond, to sample this rich bourgeois and peasant cuisine of France, which ranged from " the simple Croissants & traditional puff pastry, to the famous cheeses like Roquefort & Camembert de Normandie, to the intense wine, to the exotic Escargot bourguignon!!!
Many foreigners have the mistaken impression that French food is heavy and complicated. In fact, much of the French cuisine is fairly simple, relying on high quality fresh ingredients and devoted preparation rather than complex recipes.
But their language maybe is complex. Not just their grammar but the structure as well. Idioms are usually widely used to express what French think... This made me write this whole post about “French Idioms” that re related to food but their meaning actually have non-gastronomical explanations.
I will be listing only my favorite famous idioms with their explanations:
Être comme un coq en pâte
Translated as, "Being like a rooster in dough," it means feeling cosy and pampered, being in a state of absolute contentment, with one's every need catered to.
Coq en pâte is an olden, luxurious French dish in which a poularde (fatted chicken*) is stuffed, trussed, wrapped entirely in a short crust, and then baked until golden. It is traditionally served with sauce Périgueux on the side, a sauce flavored with port and truffles..

Être dans le pâté

Literally translated as, "Being in the pâté," it means feeling drowsy and out of it, usually in the morning after too much partying and/or not enough sleeping. It is a slang expression, not vulgar but definitely not elegant, so it is suggested not to be used -- slang is the trickiest thing to get right in a foreign language --

January 3, 2010

I Don’t Dream while sleeping

It's 2010. This will be my first post in 2010.
I remember when i was around 7 years old , i used to read or watch science -fiction stories and movies.( Ex: Brave New World, Jules Verne Books, Artificial intelligence..etc) . I used to imagine that 2010 would be a developed era .. we would have invaded space,built colonies on the moon, there would be extraterrestrial life ,plus we would be telepathically transported.and we would have the most technologically smart cars , houses and robots! .. ya.. Apparently, i had a very vivid imagination to believe such things. Maybe one day these stories will come true , but i guess not that fast as i have imagined.

So I will keep dreaming, while i am awake , while i am watching this world changes slowly to the day such stories will come true.

Because i dont dream when i sleep. Sleeping freezes your brain, gives you false ideas and events.It gives you bad hopes, unreachable destinies..Dreaming in sleeping is unrealistic and fraud , however, dreaming while awake is pragmatic, more amusing and much powerful.

Dreaming while your awake makes you achieve what you always wanted in your heart. When you wish for something you can make it true because you are awake, you are aware and your are conscience ..
But be careful what you wish for ..Be careful what you dream about . Because this determinism will let you achieve everything you want.. So you might get it all
and with it something you dont want ...

So be a dreamer, wish for things but not for everything, be moderate , be humble while you are wishing ....Your heart might have created those wishes, but your brain might not be able to handle them all ;)