January 3, 2010

I Don’t Dream while sleeping

It's 2010. This will be my first post in 2010.
I remember when i was around 7 years old , i used to read or watch science -fiction stories and movies.( Ex: Brave New World, Jules Verne Books, Artificial intelligence..etc) . I used to imagine that 2010 would be a developed era .. we would have invaded space,built colonies on the moon, there would be extraterrestrial life ,plus we would be telepathically transported.and we would have the most technologically smart cars , houses and robots! .. ya.. Apparently, i had a very vivid imagination to believe such things. Maybe one day these stories will come true , but i guess not that fast as i have imagined.

So I will keep dreaming, while i am awake , while i am watching this world changes slowly to the day such stories will come true.

Because i dont dream when i sleep. Sleeping freezes your brain, gives you false ideas and events.It gives you bad hopes, unreachable destinies..Dreaming in sleeping is unrealistic and fraud , however, dreaming while awake is pragmatic, more amusing and much powerful.

Dreaming while your awake makes you achieve what you always wanted in your heart. When you wish for something you can make it true because you are awake, you are aware and your are conscience ..
But be careful what you wish for ..Be careful what you dream about . Because this determinism will let you achieve everything you want.. So you might get it all
and with it something you dont want ...

So be a dreamer, wish for things but not for everything, be moderate , be humble while you are wishing ....Your heart might have created those wishes, but your brain might not be able to handle them all ;)


  1. I love this. Very inspiring blog loulou :)

  2. thanks u hammoudi :):) 4 ur suppport!