August 22, 2010

No Average Eyes

She grows up with a dream, a "wild dream". A dream she thought she will never lose. 
She never wanted to be a doctor, or a teacher or a lawyer like all the girls she used to  play with.

Her mom wakes her up for the morning bath. She watches the ants walking around, while she is sitting in the bathtub. The ants were searching for food in a place that had  nothing.  But look how they were na├»ve when she poured water or stepped on them. She wanted to have their stamina, their endurance, but she wanted to be witty and sophisticated at the same time.

She went outside to shout at her cat that was ruining the flowers her mom planted. A bee comes around her. She heard it doing its symphonic humming sound to scare her off. Yes, she wanted to hum like a bee..but she didn’t want to sting though. 

A butterfly came roaming around. Then, the little girl thought I wanted to grow up like it; to wander freely, but I want to have a purpose in my roaming.  

She went back inside her house, to the work room of her father, with all the papers thrown here and there …What a mess! Usually, she sneezes alot when she enters this room, it is so dusty and her dad doesnt allow anyone to clean it. She screamed. She found a spider hopping around with his thread.  How fast he was, and how cunning!! She wanted to be like it , fast and light, but she didn’t want to make webs and let people fall for them . 

It is dusk now. Her mom was dressing her up her pijamas, when a moth entered the room searching for light chaotically. The little girl started looking at the light as well, she wanted to be driven by light but she didn’t want light to burn her like that poor moth.  

She is tucked in her bed now. She heard an annoying noise. Here comes the mosquito! Ahh, how she uses the perfect time during the night to get her food. "I want to be smart like it, seize the perfect moment when it comes ", said the little girl."  But I don’t want to live on people." 

 She eventually asked her father to get her a magnifier. Yet she was always afraid from them. 

Perhaps, one time in her life those insects inspired her. Yes, she wanted to be something different. 

Perhaps her dream changed by now, like all the girls who wanted to be doctors, teachers or lawyers...Their dreams changed too. So she is no different than them. But she still holds this aspiration deep inside, that nature will always be her idol, and she will always learn from it.
She is a grown up now. Sitting in bed , reading a book for Rumi , when she comes across this part: “Every tree and plant in the meadow seemed to be dancing, those which average eyes would see as fixed and still."

She knew her childhood eyes were never average

August 14, 2010

Some Food Humor

My collection of some photos related to food humor!
Enjoy :)


Invention of Splayd
For all the Sushi or wanna be sushi lovers !!
hahah i wish so !

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August 6, 2010

Sensory Evaluation of Love

Speaking of part of my major which involves greatly sensory evaluation of food i.e appearance, aroma, flavor and mouthfeel. I developed  a nice " sensory description" lexicon for  Love. Yes Love.

This is is a food scientist point of view of love :

Love -  is not just an experience of feelings , it is a complex sensory experience that beats any  food you will have in your life.

Appearance : Love has no color, no shape.  People report that it can also blind  eyes .

Smell : Once you smell it, It follows you wherever you are. You can never get rid of the aroma .
It can sometimes cause mild hallucination due to its overwhelming effect.

Taste : It is sweet , and bitter as most people say. But you can feel  some pungency on the tongue . In some cases,  astringency can be felt if love became "harsh and dry".

Some tasters may indicate that love has a   vivid taste  that engulfs all flavors and can sometimes add flavor to other things in life. That is , it can be a flavor booster , an " Umami" !!!!

Surely, It will leave an aftertaste , a leftover effect ; either a soothing mouthfeel , either a throat burn down.

Love belongs to the  " food mood"  class in the pyramid as indicated by  the US FDA :P

Perhaps Love is the ultimate sensory experiment that one can get in his life. Perhaps it is because Love is truly the food of the soul, providing energy  and enthralling one's senses every single second.

August 3, 2010

S' mores

I have met them under Brooklyn Bridge. It was two thousand and eight.
It had been a long tiring day, had been walking all day exploring the city by foot. We walked from upper Manhattan up till downtown , crossed the bridge and reached Brooklyn. We were searching for a famous pizza restaurant. Cant remember its name now. I remember that it was dark when we finally found it and there was a long line of people waiting for their turn for a place in the restaurant. Oh! wow we werent going to wait for our turn to come. We would die from hunger.

So, we left and started searching for an alternative till we found a small " open bar" restaurant right infront of the bridge and beside the water. The view of Manhattan skies was indescribable. The Lights of the skyscrapers , and the darkness they have at the same time.

In this open air resturant,  my friends made me order " SMORE'S". I had never tried it before. Now i wish i really never tried it. It was one of the blissful things human made on earth.

The melted chocolate wrapping  the white marshemellows  inside the graham-crackers, served hot.
It was a great " hunger quencher" . A simple formula, yet it arouses complex aromas and flavors.
Not to forget,  a chocolate moustache will appear at the end of this indulging experience.

Here is how you can prepare a S'more:
  1. Heat the marshmallow over an open flame until it begins to brown and melt.
  2. Break the graham cracker in half. Sandwich the chocolate between the cracker and the hot marshmallow. Allow the marshmallow to cool a moment before eating.
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