February 22, 2009

& We come from Soil ...

Soil, dirt, land..whatever name you might call it..it's a reality that we all come from it..& we shall return to it eventually.
As real as this might seem, I have always considered it as a filthy material, disgusting to touch and hold..
But that's because i have never touched it . & well as i always say, If you never try , you will never know!!
So, once you hold it between your hands , it gives you a cushy feeling! You can feel its indulgence...You can feel its purity...exactly like the white snow that fell from the skies..

But what gives a better feeling is giving life to this arid soil.. I had the opportunity last week to volunteer in a campaign for trees planting in Lebanon. The Campaign is IBSAR and they intend to plant 50,000 trees till year 2010.

Indeed, it was one of the best days of my lives..I felt so powerful that day when i planted 16 small tree shrubs out of 650 in Mayfadoun district.Why powerful? because as i said before, i was giving life to an arid land..I felt the land needed me and i was able to help her..I felt it was thankful ..I felt its warmth as i was digging the soil....I digged it with my bare hands to enjoy it even more :)

At that moment, i realized why farmers stay all day in their fields, why do they stay attached to their land ..& why they wont give it up..no matter what !

I am just happy because i had a memory with a land.....a land that after few years will become a forest ..and i would have engraved my name in its soils...