January 26, 2014

Zesty Cake Homemade Recipe

Zesty Cake: lactose free, & light...
Enjoy a lemon citrus overwhelming flavor coming out from the oven as you bake this cake!
To start with, don't do this recipe unless you are one of the below:
  • Chocolate Hater. or not in the mood for chocolate, as not a pinch of chocolate was used in this recipe. (sorry chocolate lovers)
  • Lactose Intolerant: Not a drop of milk was added.
  • Light Dessert Seeker: Sugar was reduced to half as in any regular cake recipes.
  • Spongy Cake Avoider: I have a thing against spongy cakes, I sometimes feel I am literally swallowing air. I just dont like the sponginess. Yet, this cake turned out to be truely condensed & bit chewy from inside, and soft at the same time.
  • Lemon/ Citrus Lover: Who doesnt love the taste of lemon in desserts? Come on....Lemon, vanilla & sugar go together like trio best friends !

Since I previously posted about my lactose/dairy intolerance and my constant ways in including recipes without milk, and at the same time without jeopardizing the taste and affecting texture of the food
prepared. Here is the lemon cake that I made at home and from scratch!

January 22, 2014

All the Smells of Home

A True Lebanese Speciality: Kaakeh كعكة عصرونية  Brings me all the Childhood Memories

"I want to conjure up all the smells of my home, lock them in a bottle, then take them with me wherever I go."

They say everybody has to leave their home for once in their life and come back so they can love it all over again for many reasons, new or old. Well, I want to come back to it, mainly because of all the smells I crave for smelling again. Label me a weird smell addict, which I truly am, considering my master’s concentration was in the sensory of food, including taste and smell.