July 28, 2011

Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Stop complaining there is no Air conditioner when electricity  goes out, and stop complaining it is too hot when you walk few miles under the sun. Stop complaining if you missed one of your meals because you had so much work.  Stop complaining because the waiter didnt bring you your diet soda.
Why? Because what you are going through is not even comparable to the wretchedness felt by what the people are suffering everyday in Afirca. Few pictures from MSF , may speak the situation or may not , it is up to your own eyes. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150255803987385.322086.33110852384
From One.org
" You may have seen the pictures of starving people in the Horn of Africa on your TV screens.
We are all asking: how can this be happening again? Parts of Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are facing one of the worst droughts for 60 years, and around 10 million people are desperately in need of food, clean water and basic sanitation. 

Join me in calling on world leaders to save millions of lives - today and tomorrow:
Despite the urgency of the situation, most world leaders are responding too slowly. Immediate aid is essential. Yet at the same time we must not let them drop the ball on long term solutions as has too often happened in the past.
Take action right now at:



July 26, 2011

A Letter to The Syndicate of Lebanese Restaurants

The live grill ( See More photos Below)

A  successful  event was  organized by the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon . The event , " Feast For Change",   was the first official food & wine event in Lebanon’, and will continue to be annual. 
Remarkably, I liked the fact that for the first time an event as big as this was for  a charity for Monuments, specifically the beautiful old buildings in Beirut that are threatened to be demolished.  Lady Sursock Cochrane donated a percentage of proceeds of this event to her foundation for protecting natural sites and old buildings in Lebanon , APSAD.
According to Beirut Night Life :" The event, which was sponsored by Bank Audi, MasterCard, Vresso and Boecker was attended by Syndicate Board Members, as well as city’s top VIPs, socialites, ministers, media and owners of the following businesses who also generously offered to set up live cooking and beverage stations at the event:
BRGR Co, Couqley, Salmontini, Diwan Al Sultan, BO18, Al Falamanki, Shogun, White Coast, Leila, Mayrig, Cro Magnon, Eric Kaiser, Oslo, Hallab, Platinum Chocloate, Gou, Faqra Catering, Chili’s, Gabriel Bocti, Fattal, Enologia, Vintage, IXSIR, Chateau Ksara, Chateau Musar, Massaya, Diageo and Cin Cin."

As much as this event was greatly organized , we  watch  one week later , an attack on Lebanese Restaurants on Marcel Ghanem's TV  show ( LBCI  group), Kalam el Nas. The reports on this program showed  how horrific and disgusting it is to eat outside our houses in Lebanon.

July 12, 2011

Lebanese Myths about Food Poisoning Busted

After i watched this sad news on TV about the latest victim of food poisoning: a young man  on his day of  graduation , i thought of listing some of the Lebanese Myths or sayings about food , eating out poisoning cases.

A.    I got hit by the  " wind"  ( akhadet saf2et hawa)

You had dinner in a restaurant with your friends and spent the night back at home with nausea, followed by fever, vomiting and oh well, diarrhea.

You blame the AC in the restaurant or in the car or the air coming from the window in your room.

July 11, 2011

Food Online

Ironically, eating  by  itself is not just a biological need but also a " social " habit. This  greatly explains the invasion of food throughout the social media sphere. We tweet about what we ate ,or what restaurant we went to, we upload facebook pictures of birthday cakes, of  family dinners,  of  barbeque  gatherings,

Ofcorse, food shouldnt be our main concern, but food is and will always be a trend .
And that's why business focuses on this domain greatly. Not to forget web- based technologies.

From recipes websites, to food bloggers, to restaurant review applications , to place-based websites , such as FOURSquare but specifically, FOOD SPOTTING that help you find and share food instead of reviewing restaurants. And through this website/app, you are able to recommend your favorite dish and see other's recommendations.

Yet , another interesting website was launched just today CONSMR, which shares opinion on consumer packaged goods ( including food) and lets you rate them!!
ere is the full review on MASHABLE "Consmr Aims To Be the Yelp for Supermarket Goods"

Intersting Websites, dont you think?

July 1, 2011

If you were late in sleep, An arabic Duo !

      I havent featured an arabic song before but this song is just different than all other arabic songs.  "If you were late in sleep",was a special song sent to me almost a year or less ago,  a theatrical song in the Play Zenobia, the Syrian queen of the Palmyrene Empire .
The  play was the production of the famous Lebanese composer,musician, poet and producer  
Mansour Rahbani
 (known as one of the Rahbani brothers) . And this is one great Duo from the play,
between Carole Samaha and Youssef el Khal.  Carol with her feminine yet powerful, assertive voice and Elkhal with his masculine yet warm words.

If you  were late in sleep     



            إذا تأخرت بالنوم فلن تغني لك الحساسين 
ولن يحييك   وجهي لأنني أمشي مع النهار .. لا إلى قرار

أنا تأخرت بالنوم لأحلم أكثر .. بعينيك أكثر
الريح كانت غافية فسقطت عن حائط .. وكسرت جناحها ففي المدى نواحها

اسماؤنا اكبر مما كانت كانت قبل ان كنا
أحبّكِ من دون إسمٍ
أحبكَ من دون مجدٍ
وحتى سقوط آخر تاج
وحتى سقوط الغمامة في النهر
وحتى جفاف الينابيع بين التلال