July 11, 2011

Food Online

Ironically, eating  by  itself is not just a biological need but also a " social " habit. This  greatly explains the invasion of food throughout the social media sphere. We tweet about what we ate ,or what restaurant we went to, we upload facebook pictures of birthday cakes, of  family dinners,  of  barbeque  gatherings,

Ofcorse, food shouldnt be our main concern, but food is and will always be a trend .
And that's why business focuses on this domain greatly. Not to forget web- based technologies.

From recipes websites, to food bloggers, to restaurant review applications , to place-based websites , such as FOURSquare but specifically, FOOD SPOTTING that help you find and share food instead of reviewing restaurants. And through this website/app, you are able to recommend your favorite dish and see other's recommendations.

Yet , another interesting website was launched just today CONSMR, which shares opinion on consumer packaged goods ( including food) and lets you rate them!!
ere is the full review on MASHABLE "Consmr Aims To Be the Yelp for Supermarket Goods"

Intersting Websites, dont you think?

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