July 26, 2011

A Letter to The Syndicate of Lebanese Restaurants

The live grill ( See More photos Below)

A  successful  event was  organized by the Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Night-Clubs and Pastries in Lebanon . The event , " Feast For Change",   was the first official food & wine event in Lebanon’, and will continue to be annual. 
Remarkably, I liked the fact that for the first time an event as big as this was for  a charity for Monuments, specifically the beautiful old buildings in Beirut that are threatened to be demolished.  Lady Sursock Cochrane donated a percentage of proceeds of this event to her foundation for protecting natural sites and old buildings in Lebanon , APSAD.
According to Beirut Night Life :" The event, which was sponsored by Bank Audi, MasterCard, Vresso and Boecker was attended by Syndicate Board Members, as well as city’s top VIPs, socialites, ministers, media and owners of the following businesses who also generously offered to set up live cooking and beverage stations at the event:
BRGR Co, Couqley, Salmontini, Diwan Al Sultan, BO18, Al Falamanki, Shogun, White Coast, Leila, Mayrig, Cro Magnon, Eric Kaiser, Oslo, Hallab, Platinum Chocloate, Gou, Faqra Catering, Chili’s, Gabriel Bocti, Fattal, Enologia, Vintage, IXSIR, Chateau Ksara, Chateau Musar, Massaya, Diageo and Cin Cin."

As much as this event was greatly organized , we  watch  one week later , an attack on Lebanese Restaurants on Marcel Ghanem's TV  show ( LBCI  group), Kalam el Nas. The reports on this program showed  how horrific and disgusting it is to eat outside our houses in Lebanon.

An outrage by the Lebanese people was initiated demanding that a list of all the " unsafe" restaurants be made due to the increasing food poisoning cases.
 It is true that most of these restaurants  may not part of the syndicate, but the syndicate has to issue a press release in this matter.
That is because other restaurants respect their customers's health and abide by the food safety regualtions and thus having an outrage like this will affect them even though they have no hand in it.

Nevertheless,  the syndicate has to be more strict when it comes to food regulations and push the government to issue a law that forces any restaurant in Lebanon to abide by the Food Safety regulations  , at least the general practices ( GMP's) and compels them in obtaining a certificate in  HACCP .
If a good quality system is implied in this country and in every restaurant and factory, not only we would be reducing food poisoning cases, but we would be also benefiting every restaurant by avoiding any unnecessary rumor that would affect it financially.
A change has to be made.

Some photos from the Feast for Change Event 
Live Shawarma Stand
Leila's Stand
Tabbouleh making

The grill that made the Atmoshpher Hoot

preparing Tabbouleh

The live grill

BBQ Sheep

Knafeh from Abdul Rahman Hallab
           Macarons from Gou

Chocolate Fountain!

&most Importantly the great music!

Here are few other links for the event from my friends:
3. Waem El-Awar pictures of #FeastForChange http://fb.me/x0EsX5bQ

For Contacting the Syndicate :
Twitter http://www.twitter.com/RestaurantsLB ,


  1. Wow!amazing blog.
    The best blog.
    Nice blog on chocolate fountains.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Smart bringing up implementing food safety regulations!I second that!! Lovely post and yummyyy photos! Aaaand i wanted to add:p what a nice macaron photo! :D

  3. Hello Pearl,

    Thank you so much for the post and the lovely photos. We are glad you enjoyed Feast for Change so much.

    We would also like to thank you for your concern about the attack regarding food hygiene on Lebanese restaurants. Kindly check out this press release (in Arabic) that includes the Syndicate's official stand on this topic here: http://goo.gl/WlXVP.

    Looking forward to seeing you at future events :)

  4. @Paty! Haha the Macaron Picture was taken by a talented Nutritionist ;) ;)

    @Syndicate of Lebanese Restaurants ! Thank you for the invitation for the Feast for Change event, as well as for taking the time and commenting on my blog and making few things clearer, the link is actually what i wanted :)
    I will add it to my post !

  5. Here is a list I got via email , do you know if this list is true?

    republic- nahr l mot

    seasweet- sarsour bil bouza

    georges farah-kasslik



    bain militaire

    bliss house-DT





    matar- dekwaneh farouj

    resto karam-DT

    saladiet-satellity batroun


    malak el taouk

    snack adib kleat

    burger house sin l fil

    mazar jdeideh

    charcutier aoun- all branches :S

  6. Hi Abed, there is no official documents for what restaurants are on the list.
    Some rumors are true, others might not be!

    what you have to do, is to open your eyes well and choose the proper place to eat out :)