June 26, 2014

Pearl as a Guest Speaker at SkillPills

Last Wednesday, I had the chance to talk about my food blogging 6 years experience on Skillpills to a group of people who want to set up a new blog!

SkillPills is a series of workshop, taking place in Altcity in Hamra /Beirut,  where one can learn a new skill in three hours or less!

Last week's SkillPill Event : How to Set Up a BLOG for your business:

The workshop started with  Ziad Alameh, a techpreneur with a love for tech startups. CTO and Co-founder of Pikaside ,  x-Zoomaalian and a computer scientist.

Ziad gave the first the "technical part" of setting up a blog and preparing the template:
His talk mainly covered:

  • Setting up a blog from zero
  • Customizing the blog to your business
  • Putting it online
  • Analytics: number of visitors and viewers
  • How to draw more traffic to your blog

June 14, 2014

FOUR: World's Top Haute Cuisine Magazine

By unifying over 300 of the world’s best chefs, such as Thomas Keller, Heston Blumenthal, Yannick Alléno, Massimo Bottura and René Redzepi, FOUR brings together the brilliant ideas of the greatest minds in haute cuisine.
four international PR image

FOUR - The World’s Best Food Magazine, offers a lifestyle twist that is a must-read for the high net worth individual. 

Maybe not everyone of us can actually eat (whether travel or afford eating) at such haute cuisine restaurants, but reading this magazine will bring a world of inspiration and enthusiasm to us, especially if we are food lovers and avid connoisseurs.

June 5, 2014

Fauchon Riyadh: A Unique Experience

The world of Fauchon had always been known in the world of luxury. It is not merely a gourmet food boutique. It is a place where your senses can experience the upgrade in food from desserts, pastries,
Fauchon is an old school since 1880 where the first boutique opened in Paris.. It's an iconic landmark in gastronomy.
So it's opening in Riyadh brought me a little sense of joy because hopefully I wanted to experience this gourmet touch, something that lacks deeply in the market of Saudi Arabia.

June 4, 2014

Maya La Chocolaterie

As I said in my previous post yesterday, It is been long time since I blogged. Working in the Food & beverage industry, makes you want to be more delicate while posting about your food adventures.

I always talked about chocolate on my blog. But since moving to Riyadh, and due to the hot and dry weather, it makes you subconsciously avert away from something warm and heat producing!

Yet, visiting Maya chocolaterie, a place solely for having a chocolate experience has proven something else! Chocolate is desirable regardless of the temperature! If it is hot, people will eat chocolate and perhaps even more!!

Maybe the quote from Star Trek actually reflects what goes on people's minds on chocolates :
"I never met a chocolate I didn't like " Deanna Troi -  Star Trek ( The Next Generation)

June 2, 2014

Em Sherif : A Jewel in Beirut

It is been a long time since I blogged. Working in the Food & beverage industry, makes you want to be more delicate while posting about your food adventures.
You would appreciate the brands more, the work behind them, the staff in the restaurant. And mostly the food recipes that were developed extensively to get this perfect taste.
You would feel more the pain, the hectic suffering each day to bring the customers the most delicate food experience. And that's why I was delaying many posts!

One of the brand that I fell in love with in my last visit to Beirut was Em Sherif.
It is a place that combines both simplicity and sophistication.

For the Lebanese Readers: In a world of discrepancies, Em Sherif is the place for someone to enjoy his outing. It is all: an entertainment place, a luxury place, and of coarse a place to satisfy the hunger. A hunger for good food, delicate music/ambience, and a relaxed pampering.

For the non-Lebanese, this restaurant will give you the true authentic taste of lebanese and oriental food in a palace like setting!