June 26, 2014

Pearl as a Guest Speaker at SkillPills

Last Wednesday, I had the chance to talk about my food blogging 6 years experience on Skillpills to a group of people who want to set up a new blog!

SkillPills is a series of workshop, taking place in Altcity in Hamra /Beirut,  where one can learn a new skill in three hours or less!

Last week's SkillPill Event : How to Set Up a BLOG for your business:

The workshop started with  Ziad Alameh, a techpreneur with a love for tech startups. CTO and Co-founder of Pikaside ,  x-Zoomaalian and a computer scientist.

Ziad gave the first the "technical part" of setting up a blog and preparing the template:
His talk mainly covered:

  • Setting up a blog from zero
  • Customizing the blog to your business
  • Putting it online
  • Analytics: number of visitors and viewers
  • How to draw more traffic to your blog
Nour Atrissi, from Skill Pills asked me the below questions during the workshop.

  • Why blogging? What makes me blog?
  • How did I start?
  • A little bit about food blogging
  • How blogging can be a good boost for exposure (business or personal)
  • Any interesting stories I would like to share from your expertise
  • What draws the crowds attention? exciting content ...

About SkillPills

What is Skill Pills?
SkillPills is a series of workshop, taking place in Altcity in Hamra /Beirut,  where one can learn a new skill in three hours or less!

About the Founders:
It was founded in March 2014, by Ali Chehade and Nour Atrissi in Collaboration with AltCity, a coworking space and event venue supporting startups and entrepreneurs. Main Objectives:
Nour and Ali want people to learn skills they can use at work or in their daily lives, or have new useful fun hobbies. We also aim at improving people's existing skills by taking them to the next level at very affordable prices. We choose our trainers carefully, all of them are qualified and leaders in their field of expertise.

Future Vision :
Their main vision is to be the number one provider of any type of skill a person wants to learn.

Events done so far??

Upcoming SkillPills: 
And how are SkillPills workshops sustained?? SkillPills are sustained by giving the people what they need. The delivered Skillpills are based on market research and people's demand. We constantly broadcast our events on our social media channels (fb, twitter and ig) We also collaborate with events aggregating companies like lebtivity, 3ish beirut... The modest income generated from skillpills is used to market future Skillpills and to support the space and trainer's expenses.

For more information:
01- 742582

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