June 2, 2014

Em Sherif : A Jewel in Beirut

It is been a long time since I blogged. Working in the Food & beverage industry, makes you want to be more delicate while posting about your food adventures.
You would appreciate the brands more, the work behind them, the staff in the restaurant. And mostly the food recipes that were developed extensively to get this perfect taste.
You would feel more the pain, the hectic suffering each day to bring the customers the most delicate food experience. And that's why I was delaying many posts!

One of the brand that I fell in love with in my last visit to Beirut was Em Sherif.
It is a place that combines both simplicity and sophistication.

For the Lebanese Readers: In a world of discrepancies, Em Sherif is the place for someone to enjoy his outing. It is all: an entertainment place, a luxury place, and of coarse a place to satisfy the hunger. A hunger for good food, delicate music/ambience, and a relaxed pampering.

For the non-Lebanese, this restaurant will give you the true authentic taste of lebanese and oriental food in a palace like setting!

You will simply love the experience of eating there, as if you are eating at home because of the taste of the food, and the freshness of the ingredients…Even the temperature of the food was perfectly given. Everything was timed and gracefully presented on the table.
Yet at the same time, you will get treated like a princess or prince because of all the silverware, the decorations, the excellent staff service.

During my visit to the restaurant at 12:00 pm, it was still closed. Starting at 1:00 pm, the major clientele were from women. I was invited there for a work meeting.
Some customers from Arab countries (Kuwait) were there eating as well.
Most customers were amazed and happy to be there. They even requested to take photos with the owner Madam Hayek ( A.K.A Em Sherif) who was there!

Al Diwan part of the restaurant where you can enjoy the home feeling! الديوان

Em Sherif, comes to her restaurant everyday to check the food and eat there. She delicately checks the face of each customer if he is enjoying his meal or not. She instructs the staff to ask the customers constantly about their plates if they are good or not.
She is always worried about the taste, the quality, and thus the reputation of the restaurant.
For example, on the spot she tasted the “Kebbe Nayyeh (raw meat) and she ordered the staff to remove it from the menu as she didn’t like the taste.

A very relentless person, she is constantly changing the plates and developing new items for the restaurant! Em Sherif is truly an exhilarating experience. Be prepared to have your stomachs empty, and fast the next day!

P.S : The waiters tell you the name of each plate and ask you whether you want or not.
So you don't need to worry about what you are eating! Plus you will get a food cultural experience!

Usually at night, an artist sings and plays on an Arabian 'oud.
Also there is an outside terrace on the second floor, for Shisha lovers. (I dont recommend :P since I am an anti smoker!)

Interesting thing to keep in mind:
Em Sherif will open its doors in Dubai this year 2014, with a prestigious location in the Address hotel
(News Source: Business Week)

Below are the major food items, for more photos of the food and restaurant kindly check my photo gallery of Em Sherif 

Zaatar and Lahme B'3ajeen زعتر ولحم بعجين

Fattouch فتوش
Chicken Liver with Garlic & Yogurt

I  love it when they put the lime peel in Tabbouleh!

Baleela بليلة

Lebanese 2ouzzeh

مدردرة Lentiles and Rice with FriendOnion
Stuffed Zuchini, Grape Leaves & Intestine ( Lebanese specialty) فوارغ وورق عنب مع كوسا محشي


Fresh Made Ice Cream!

Love how they present the Turkish Coffee!

Taste like Lazy Cake but in Round Shapes

Meghleh ( Cinammon)

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