September 12, 2010

Let There Be Light !!....[when we eat]

As  food scientists , we are always taught the importance of light in affecting our senses. Light is a main factor while evaluating food . Thus, when performing sensory evaluation tests , a specific type of light of  specific intensity should be chosen according to the aim of the experiment done on the food product.

For example, if we were testing an " upgraded product" and we wanted to see if consumers can detect the change in taste integrated in it , we evaluate it with the previous version of the product by performing a "Triangle Test". The lights in this test should be dark ( dark red rather than the normal light bulb in homes) to mask any difference in appearance that can affect the panelist's judgement immediately and let them indicate the product as being totally different.

This is an example of how light affects our food experience. Another example is will be an extract from the "Scientific American"  magazine.

An article published in Scientific American ( Mind & Brain section), reviews the effect of darkness and light on our eating habits. The article thoroughly cites a  new scientific study  " Dining in the dark. The importance of visual cues for food consumption and satiety"(Scheibehenne B, et al., 2010).

64 Participants were served food in a dark restaurant .Half of them received supersize portions and thus they ate 36% more food. Participants normally weren't able to  precisely estimate their actual consumption than those who ate the same meal in the light.

Some scientists claim that this reason is because the eye is main detector i.e the eye can accurately evaluate how much the body needs food and how much it can consume and how much it consumed, whereas the stomach would take its time to judge appetite and satiety!

Of corse other scientists refute these findings by claiming that many factors weren't taken in consideration.

Perhaps that  is why they call "Light Food " , when there is light , you will eat less :P

You can find the whole article on this link : 

September 8, 2010

U2 Concert in Istanbul

Well, I wouldn't dare not to write a post on my favorite Rock band, U2.

I wont be talking about U2 but rather on their latest concert yesterday in a nearby country,Turkey.
Remarkably, U2 was the first rock band to play in Istanboul, Turkey.

I saw their concert just on the TV news and some youtube videos and i was amazed by the Ataturk Stadium , the lights, the stage and everything U2 prepared to enthrall their fans. It was really an unbeatable concert ( thought i wasnt there). 50,000 people from around the globe came to watch !

There was one remarkable video where Bono ( as usual including politics in his speeches) talked about the " Bridge" since Istanbul was European Capital of Culture. Here is what he said:
"It took us a while to come to your magical city Istanbul.... We are so very grateful to be here. What is going on in this country is important for the whole world. Yesterday, thanks to Egemen Baris, we walked across the Bhosporus Bridge from West to East, not just a bridge from Asia to .......... It's a beautiful bridge, and it's a bridge not just from Europe to Asia, not just from the religious to secular, from the past to the future, from where Europe has been to where Europe needs to go..." 

I also liked what he said about Snow Patrol as being a sacred talent :)
Noone can beat really beat U2 , neither in their songs, nor on their social and cultural impact they bring to this world . 
And as Bono once sung:  "But hope and history won't rhyme

                                          So what's it worth
                                         This peace on Earth"

*An intersting analysis of what U2 said by Lisa Darick, can be found on this link :

September 3, 2010

Food Price Concerns

Food prices are on the rise daily. Hunger is getting worse day by day. Despite all the technological advancements in the food production systems, there seem to be a missing link in ensuring food security worldwide.
BBC news reported that The United Nations' food agency has called a special meeting of policy makers to discuss the recent rise in global food prices. But where this meeting might lead and what will be the solutions, i think we will just have to wait and see !

Check the article , the link posted below: