May 2, 2010

Shuffle! & Let it go!

My best part of the day is listening to music. Whether on my 10 minute walk to work or down to class or whether during a car/bus ride or even during studying. And Whether on radio or my WMP laptop or my sansa! Particularly,I love it when it is on shuffle. Cose it forces me to listen to songs i havent listened to in ages .
I used to go to before they prohibited it in Lebanon and other countries.
It is a wonderful site because it introduces to me similar young artists that play the same music i like from famous musicians/ bands.
But since i was frustrated that Pandora doesnt work, i kept searching for sites that provide similar services, like and many others that seemed fine.
There is one particular website i am currently using, which not only gives you the artists that you might like but also asks you for your mood right now and dancing feeling!!
Check it out : . It is like a whole" Music- Adaptation" environment!

Shuffling , i was today with my Sansa, i came across Carlos Santana 's collection. Oh wow i haven't listened to him since my first year undergrad, i.e around 3 years ago!
I love how he plays the guitar. ( I dont intend to write a review about him) but i love his passion, and the unique music he creates . The music takes you to another place, or even more, it is like your soul singing.>I remembered the first CD i got for Santana was the " Marathon " album ( 1979). I didnt buy it back then , i found it in My dad's CDs collection covered with Dust along with Bach music and Beethoven and other classicals. Surprisingly, dad got it as gift and he never listened to it. So, i saved it after 25 years of a forgotten fate . That is how i met the King of Guitar, Carlos Santana.
I didnt have musicovery or jango or pandora or the like!!! I just had a pile of dirt-covered dusty CDs and a sense of curiosity!! :)

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