April 24, 2010

From pearls to stars :My Cosmological Theory

--written by Loulwa K.  

It was a hot summer day , like any day in July.
A pearl was born on the shores of Condwai.
An iridescent pearl.
Her asylum was a nacreous shell.

But Once the sea got raged.
He sent the waves to bring all the shells back.
And so this shell sank deep in the sea.
But it was weak .And It cracked
The pearl fell. For the first time, she was free .
She explored the seven seas,
And dived in the abyss of darkness.
Not caring where the water may lead.
but she got jaded.
She started surfing up.
She breathed air. And she saw the sun.
Till, she once reached the shores. She found the land.
She yearned to go there. To a new place.
And so She ran.

She stayed on the land for a long time.
But she yearned more.
She looked up to the skies.
She gazed to the stars. She counted them.
She saw a moon; She followed it in her car.
She once saw Mars . So, She wondered :" is it that far? "
"I can go there . I will drop by.
I am only waiting for my trip to the moon and the stars."
Though she was born down in a shelled mollusk , a pearl will shine like those stars .

And this is how stars are formed in the universe. :)

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  1. hey i really love it.
    it is so you i guess :)