September 1, 2011

This is  the section of  "The Baking Power of the Poet"

What does Poetry have to do with a Food blog?

 Let me reply with what Joyce Carol Oates, the noble peace prize winner in Literature, who quotes that
"If food is poetry, is not poetry also food?”! 

So,  Isn't poetry  after all, the food of the soul??  She also adds : "When poets write about food it is usually celebratory. Food as the thing-in-itself, but also the thoughtful preparation of meals, the serving of meals, meals communally shared: a sense of the sacred in the profane.”

What Oates claims is the reason why poetry should me a must for  a food lover like me and thus add this section to my blog!

I hope you will enjoy some of the poems below , either from other poets or written by me ...