June 13, 2011

Take That 's Newest Album " Progressed" Vs Lebanese Government "Progressing"

You say "TAKE THAT" and people go saying  that isnt it the "tale of boys meet boys, exploitation and idolisation, dreams fulfilled and crushed, ruined friendships, success as vengeance, glorious pop and the furies of fame"( BBC) .But let's all forget this drama and see what these guys are up to! 
I was pretty excited when Take That announced the release of their album just now!Not just that the band reunited again last year  and Robbie Williams is still to be considered one of the unique singers around the globe, it's just the band have really beat all the odds& obstacles, the drama, the rumors . Besides their  previous album "Progress" sold 2 million copies just last november! 

A great review  was written by Nick Levine on BBC  about their latest album,  whereby he states that : "you can't blame this ten-legged national treasure for trying to remind us that it's more than just the summer's biggest live draw – especially when, for a band playing the album repackage game, Take That are feeling pretty generous. Following a template that Lady Gaga looked to with her Fame Monster reissue, Progressed couples the original 10-track album with a second disc boasting eight brand-new songs."

On side note :   It was on JUNE 13 that Take That Released their Newest Album " Progressed" & the Lebanese Government  Progressed !As Today marks the formation of The Lebanese Government. A bit of progress maybe? Maybe not? 
Let's wait and see! But till now let's hear Take That singing because am sure they already progressed! ;)

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