June 17, 2012

Sunset Sea Dinner at St.Elmo's

St. Elmo's Logo!
"I am the sea. In my depths all treasures dwell. Have they asked the divers about my pearls?" the Egyptian poet Muhammad Hafiz Ibrahim.
I have always had a special fond to the sea, its mystery, and its untold stories..All because my name is pearl.  I had built a myth inside my head since I was a little girl that I was indeed from the sea. Lunatic? Maybe. but such mystical illusions do make the best stories later.Yes, I believed the sea was my  home, and to it I will return someday. Everything that reminds me of the sea makes me live this myth again..

This time it was not the sea itself, nor a ship, nor Corrine's Bailey Rae " The Sea" song, neither the Little mermaid movie, neither the famous sea navigator Jacque Costeau nor a small shell I picked up from the shore. This time the sea experience was from a whole restaurant that embraced the concept of the SEA from the floor to the ceiling , from the plate to the cup!

Zaytouna Bay

This restaurant is St. Elmo's Sea Side Brasserie, that recently opened in Zaytouna bay in Beirut,  6 months ago. It offers an exquisite setting and decor than other restaurants in Beirut.
Artwork done by St. Elmo's 

"The restaurant owes it’s name to St. Erasmus of Formiae, the patron saint of sailors who is affectionately known as St. Elmo’s. Attempts at culinary categorization are futile since St. Elmo’s is more seasonal and inventive than Beirut’s best brasseries but cheaper and more accessible than what you find at the great bastions of haute cuisine".

The Lobster!
St. Elmo's specializes  in down-home dishes like rich and gooey 'Mac & Cheese', the 'Classic Fish &Chips' and a plethora of other sudo-traditional foodstuffs. The restaurant has a pure sea character, decorated from its ship logo hanging infront, to the wooden floor and walls, and to all the vintage pieces hanged on the wall and on the shelves.

Here is my story in St. Elmo's : It made me feel that I was on ship deck , with the smell of the sea and the sun hitting my eyes.

Three months ago I visited this restaurant with friends at night.However, this time I was invited over for a sunset tweetup  with other food bloggers and tweeps (Photo of everyone who was there) .  I assure to you that the perfect time to feel this whole "shipping journey" is to come when the sun is setting down! Nothing is more beautiful than watching the sun waving you goodbye as it sinks in the sea, and as you are enjoying nibbling on some steamed and tossed EDAMAME in coarse salt, lemon zests &togarashi peppers.Or  sneaking some Summer Rolls made from cold shrimp &wild greens wrapped in rice paper, served with a crunchy peanut dip.

Not to forget the mason jars that gives it a real illusion that I was on  a actual ship, otherwise what is better to avoid the candle falling than putting it in a mason jar or you spilling your drink than drinking from it?

I felt in love with the Mason Jars! All tweeps agreed with me!
Virgin Drinks that I tasted:

 And if you want to be brave enough and jump off the deck of your comfort ship, try the BLACK CARPACCIO made from old-cured Black Angus Tenderloin topped with arugula, freshartichoke hearts, fennel & shaved parmesan with a balsamic caramel!
If you want to sail back to the sea,  try the tasty salmon tartar served on a bed of home-made crème. And why not some lobsters? NEW ENGLAND LOBSTER ROLL Nova Scotia lobster, watercress and a home-made aioli.
And if you still embarking in this journey, don't miss out the FAMOUS FISH &CHIPS,  mediterranean bass served with mushy peas and home-made tartar sauce.

The size is bigger when you order. THis is a tasting sample :)
Ask the fisher about his catch and you will get the fish of the day!
And if you are planning on decking your ship back to your homeland,  try  a familiar plate such as mac&cheese or  ST. ELMO’S BURGER, 250g of USDA Prime topped with aged cheddar and a side of creamy slaw!
Miniburgers to be tasted ( They are much bigger when you order them!)
PANZENELLA made from Barrel feta, heirloom tomatoes, radish, spanish onions, black olive
tapenade, wild herbs, day-old bread & olive oil lemon dressing

Above all, the sailing wont be complete if  you missed out the scrumptious desserts!
SOFT CENTER CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE Oven baked ,  topped with vanilla bean ice cream.

And the FRIED MARS BAR... How will I explain its taste? I  really cant.. I feel helpless in finding fair words to describe it. It was one sensory experience that I will never forget..because I will def. go back for it.

As they say a picture is a thousand words! 
Remember as captain Jaque Costeau once said : The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever".  So, if you want be a  sailor for once and be held in wonder, try visiting St. Elmo's, you will be definitely hooked up forever with its menu and its setting!
Loved this artwork especially it shows Campbell's Soup! 

Bon Apetite

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  1. sounds to die for! Love your vivid descriptions :)

    1. It was indeed Rawan!!my description was vivid because everything in reality was vivid and lively! :)

  2. Dear Loulwa,

    Thank you for your poetic depiction of your experience and sharing the history behind Elmo's. We are pleased that you ave enjoyed our event, the pleasure was all ours at having the honor of your company. We hope to see you at St. Elmo's again quite soon celebrating a new occasion!

    The St. Elmo's Team

    1. Thank you for commenting and sharing!
      I am glad you liked it!
      Keep up the amazing and innovative work you do to add a special touch to the lebanese restaurants scenes!


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  4. How can you call this a review? This is more like advertising

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      But I didnt mention anywhere on this post it was a review. I also clearly stated it was a tweetup dinner :)And i was describing my dining experience.

    2. hmmm you posted this on the restaurant's page : "My review after being invited for St. Elmo's Seaside Brass..."
      Sorry, but I was misled by the "review" keyword :)

    3. Then excuse me for the word I posted on fb! :)
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      I hope you enjoyed reading the post nevertheless !