July 26, 2012

Save the Grace

Few days after Ramadan started I read this article by Washington Post about
How Muslims Celebrate the month of Ramadan.  

The first wrong word is " Celebrate". Ramadan is not a month of celebration, it is a month of pious devotion and struggle with one's desires and  curbing one needs.  Ramadan is solely being conveyed merely as a month of diverse "Iftar" food, drinks and scrumptious meals. This might be true in some families. But breaking one's fast should always be done in moderation for one's own  health and for fulfilling the main reason why he is fasting in the first place.

Here is one beautiful comment I saw on the web "Let us also be reminded that when you and I break the fast at sunset, the hungry continue with their fast."But what should be done to those hungry? Here is one cause " Save the Grace" Lebanon , find more about it the interview with  the team : 

Q 1: What is " Save the Grace" cause?
A1:“Save The Grace” is a humanitarian project initiated by volunteers that aims at saving food surplus and distribute them to the needy.

Q2: Why Save the Grace?With the continuous degradation in living conditions in Lebanon and the increase in poverty rates, our project becomes a vital need and a pressing humanitarian obligation.

A2:The project's mission is to raise awareness to the idea of saving - rather than wasting - surplus food and to create a re-distribution module to those in need.
The project is also environment-friendly given its contribution to minimizing waste.

Q3:What are the actions  you are taking?|A3: We are applying  proper channeling of unconsumed food, such as from bakeries, cafes, restaurants, events or even from houses . And accordingly  we are saving the rich and those who have extra remaining food from the burden of wasting it t.Consequently, feeding a number of families. 

Here are few photos from our facebook page:

The team distributing sweets

Distributing Chicken and Rice

The Team collecting and transporting the Food

Q4 :What is your message for readers?
A4: Be part of saving the grace, and help us save lives!

Email  us be part of the team or donate food 

Follow us to interact : Twitter: @savethegraceleb 

And you can meet the team and what we are doing on Facebook: Save the Grace 

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