February 5, 2013

Gourmet Popcorn?

Gourmet Popcorn, Packaged and Shipped!
In my recent discoveries throughout the malls here in Riyadh, I found a shop that sells "Gourmet Popcorn".
Called " KukuRuza".
This Seattle family based company, recently opened in  KSA and they ship their well-crafted artisan popcorns to here! Can you imagine that?

The Popcorn flavors of the US version are very exotic, ranging from Hawaiian Salted Caramel and Brown Butter & Sea Salt to Coconut Macaroon. Yet the KSA version is much adapted to the local taste, they have coffee, S'mores, dark chocolate, buffalo spice,cheese, Ranch, caramel, cinnamon...etc

I tasted all those flavors as seen in the photo below...They are good. Surely, some are sweet. But I prefer the original flavor of popcorn. I didnt buy any since I am not a big fan of pop corn.
Would you buy from this gourmet packaged popcorn??? Or would you get them as gifts when you visit other people??

Different Flavors 

Gift Packages

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