September 1, 2013

Baking in Jars

Baking in the Jars has become the latest trend, especially among home made products.
I found several places later after this trial selling such items.
The recipes that I followed are all attached here for you to download. Surely, several trials should be made if this was done for a commercial purpose especially before we settle on the end product in order to perfect the sensory experience from all its sides: flavor, odor, color, and texture.

For example, one backlash effect in this recipe is that cracks should not be shown. Moreover, I should have used a baking spray and not sprinkle wheat flour on the glass to avoid sticking and to avoid having a white surface on the jar.

The average cost this recipe coated me is 8 riyals  per jar (Cost of Jars is 3 Riyals and Cost of Ingredients/jar is 5 Riyals).

The products I Baked were:

-apple pie
- cheese cake
- Red velvet cake

Apple Pie Dough ready for baking!

jars are empty!

Red Velvet Cake & Apple Pie Hot and Straight from the Oven!

Jars getting baked!

Arent these cheese cakes just cute?

My red velvet cake was not really good looking !

One should note that these jars are not shelf-stable and so cannot be stored at room temperature. If they are stored at room temperature, harmful bacteria could grow in them and make the product unsafe to eat. Thus, one disadvantage of baking in jars is the food safety issue as storing in a vacuum-sealed jars for cakes favors the growth of Clostridium Botilinum. (Source: Penn State Extension).

This can be easily solved by controlling the storing temperatures and lowering the pH of the products by adding natural preservatives such as citric acid.

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