October 1, 2013

Weight & Food Love...Not proportional

"How come you love food, yet  you don't show it (physically)??"
This....! This was one of the weirdest ( a little bit frustrating) job interview questions I have ever got. & mind you it was not related to a food company but rather to a social media/ advertising agency. So the person who asked me, and who comes from IT background, has no relation with Food...

Though I never posted about this "physical aspect" of one's body. Because I am against talking about it.
As every person experience certain situations & environment conditions that can affect his/her own body.  So we cant generalize over the matter of physical appearance.

But since when does our physical bodies show our passion towards something.
Alright maybe a muscled man will show that he goes regularly to the gym, but that doesn't mean he likes it... A short woman might appear she doesnt play basketball, but perhaps she do and she loves it!

And Yes maybe -  as my doctor informed me when I last met her that I am "skinny", Though I am not as my BMI is average between overweight and underweight... I should weigh 55 to be skinny!
I considered the manager's question asked above as an insult to my inner self... Just like any racial/religious question that can be asked in an interview. Yes I can be of average size and still love FOOD!

And the logic behind this:
There is a very thin line between actually enjoying food, loving it, choosing the best healthy ingredients, preparing it, sharing it with others, Versus over indulging yourself with eating it..
A thin line can turn you from a lover to an addict!

If you know where you stand in this line, you can surely control your weight.
You can enjoy food, at the same time, be far away from gaining weight.

Food goes beyond just the eating or the consuming action. Food has other rituals of enjoyment... Eating food is ceremony where you can activate all your senses, from observing, to touching, to smelling, to hearing and tasting! It is an exercise for these part of your body too.
And Even reading and learning about food can make you just feel full!
&;That's the trick.....

So, Mr. X: Weight and our love of food are simply..not proportional.

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