March 2, 2014

Elevation Burger

When you enter Elevation Burger, you will read about its particular vision is to be much more than just a burger restaurant. Their aim is to provide an "elevated  burger" that is fresh and flavorful, made of the highest quality and sustainable ingredients. Elevation Ventures are located in Gulf countries (Riyadh, Doha, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Manama) and across 12 states in USA since 2003.

I tried Elevation Burger in KSA, it is one of the first organic burger chain here in Riyadh.
They offer good tasting burgers and other food items with less fat and fewer calories.  I also tried the cane sugar beverage coming from USA.

Their beef is:
  • 100% USDA-certified organic
  • 100% grass-fed
  • 100% free-range
  • 100% ground-on-premises beef. 
  • free of antibiotics, pesticides, and other chemicals.
&;the fries are freshly cut and cooked in 100% heart-healthy olive oil.

Yet, their prices are a bit higher than any average burger chain due to the quality of their ingredients. It is a minimum of 10 dollars for 1 burger only, sans the fries, sauces, drinks, cheese.

Their sizes are also smaller than any average burger, leaving you hungry after only few hours.
Maybe it is not just the size, maybe it is because the meat is actually light and doesn't have any fat/added ingredients to it. So I consider it a positive. Better to have a light fast food meal than a heavy one.

What I liked about the brand is its commitment to environmentally friendly practices, including recycling waste – some of which becomes bio-diesel fuel – and using sustainable materials and energy-efficient equipment in its restaurants. Also, the restaurants’ fun and hip d├ęcor is made from bamboo and recycled materials, plus the open kitchen provides guests with the ability to see their food being created right in front of them.

For guests who follow the Paleo diet, Elevation offers a lettuce wrap option, organic bacon, salad options, fresh produce and Paleo friendly beverage options.

 Also, if the drinks and meat are bought from USA, I wonder how sustainable this is for the environment. Transporting food and ingredients,  from a country to another is not considered a sustainable act, it is considered totally the opposite. I think, if the KSA or any GCC chain, has to locally source their ingredients, their beverages and not just bring them over from USA.

Honestly, It wont be a regular place for me, as the prices are way too high. But if I do want a good and healthy burger, I'd  def. choose Elevation Burger over other chains.

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