November 1, 2014

Souk Al Ard: Earth Market in Hamra Street

Fresh Organic Produce from the Farms, every Tuesday in Hamra
During my years studying in AUB and living in Bliss street, I discovered Souk Al Ard in Main street of Hamra. It was my escape from the street buzz,  amid the hectic studies and long working hours.
It was my pleasure to meet the local farmers, see their hand made products, and get from their fresh green treasures!! Street Lebanese Heritage food at its best!

Every time I travel back to Beirut, I make sure to visit this farmer's market. It is a blessful experience to smell the saj, and see all these fresh and organic vegetables, and the pickled jars , marmalade...etc
Lebanese heritage food at its best. My last trip in October, I made sure to visit and do some food shopping!
Home Made Food
Dont miss those tasty saj ( saj is a thin focaccia bread) 
Souk El Ard, ( Earth Market), is located in the alley facing Bread Republic.
Organized by Slow food Beirut, the market aims to offer good, clean and fair food.

From SFB website:

"The purpose of the project is to revitalize the local production of food that represents the food culture of Lebanon, and to rebuild a direct relationship between small producers and responsible consumers, a relationship that too often has been damaged by the impact of the agro-food system. Every market is a building block in the creation of an alternative agriculture, one that is nourished by knowledge and traditions. Though still in its first months, the Ashrafyeh market organizers are hoping to expand and add new representatives of good, clean and fair Lebanese food to the repertoire: a fisherman, a cheesemaker, an organic beekeeper and more.

The market opens from 8:00 am till 2 pm every Tuesday:
Zesty Lemons, Colored Peppers...etc

Kaak, Jam, Honey and other artisan breads and sweets

Organic and Chemical Free Soaps

Hamra Street: Buzzing with Life!
And my lucky thing I got from Beirut this time, is Barbara Abdeni Massaad's latest food: Mezzeh from Antoine Library! As they dont sell them here in Riyadh bookstores!

Now I have Man'2ousheh, Mouneh and Mezzeh.

Recommended to Buy! 

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