November 15, 2009

Not another Movie Review!

Well, I dont want to be redundant like those outthere on the world wide web& write a movie review that would be number 1,000,000 on the web!!! & Pls make sure that am not also criticizing those movie critics.

But i usually criticize movies in these cases:
1) During the movie, where i get fed up from a scene or more ( or a script )..etc
2) Just 5 minutes after i get out from the theater, which is usually a " discussion" with my friends and involves various point of views.

3) When someone asks me specifically " What do you think of that Movie"?

4 ) i don't consider it a scrutiny but rather a comment that i also wait for the Credits part at then end of the movie just to wait for the "song".. Ya the perfectly chosen song for the movie always make me remember the movie..

So this leads us to the fact that i am a " soundtrack-movie" addict"..Ya i collect all songs of each movie i watch .. not just MUSICAL movies like " Mamma mia or Mary Poppins or Beauty and the Beast" ...etc .. BUT also movies that display a background music .. This music inhabitates my mind and directly after i finish watching the movie , i go back home and download them.

WEll ya ofcorse everyone now will say : Batman soundtrack is obviously one of those moviess.. Some of the movies i liked their soundtracks" Lord of the Rings " , " Twilight" ( sorry guys but it was a hit), Spider man,Sweet November,A walk to remember, Bridget Jones Diaries, The Matrix, 10 things i hate about you, Music and Lyrics and not to forget the soundtracks of TV series like SmallVille,One tree Hill!!

These soundtracks make me listen to new artists and even new kind of music. I consider it a" cultural experience" :)

One of the recent songs i heard was for the 2012 movie : by Adam Lambert " Time for Miracles ".. Good choice for words and music..
The soundtrack was awesome as well.
Here is the link :

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