November 29, 2009

Wake me up when December ends

I want to wake up when December ends. It's Not that i want to miss all the holiday's season, or maybe subconsciously i do, without mentioning the reasons. Or Maybe I am just eager for 2010!.
This will be the last post for November. And i thought i wanted to share one of my favorite songs here : Separate Ways By Teddy Thompson .
Such a great song , the lyrics are simple and up to the point and the music is soft but makes the words flow in a way they seem strong. i dont know how to explain my feelings when i hear this song , like it speaks my mind, like i want to sing it to the world to hear me , to the people who don't care anymore , to the things that let go away from me..
One part that makes me want to hear it all over again : ♫ I can change my mind not my blood, & not all who love are blind, some of us are just too kind, we forgive too much but never speak our minds ".. True . So what do you think?

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