October 13, 2010

Too Much Will Kill You

Too much of what? Too  much of Love !!
Huh? A thought I had  spinning in my head these past few days. Why on earth would too much love kill someone??
Shouldnt hate do this job?? Shouldnt revenge?
Love??? This divine emotion?? This unique state of humans?

But wait a second. It does kill sometimes if it is superfluous. It melts the person, dissolves him or her, make him/ her tired from loving. It can suffocate , leads to cases of insanity.  And so perhaps,  at the end it will lead to death, literally or figuratively.
Perhaps  the arabs got it  first in their famous arabic saying which  goes like :" من الحب ماقتل   "  : Translation : And  of love one kills.

SO what now? Do we love  or not ? Yes, love moderately.

I googled  :" Too much will love would kill you??". And i found an amazing duet with both of my favorite artists: Queen and Luciano Pavarotti!!!!!

Here is the link , breathtaking performance :)

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