March 27, 2011

The Bumble Bee Happiness

This time I am not posting anything related to culinary or food sciences, rather just  about food as a basic need for all living beings.

Alot of people  really dont know ( including me sometimes) how lucky they are to have food on the table everyday for atleast 4 times.
We really dont know how lucky we are that we can actually taste and have safe , healthy and delicious food.
We really dont know how lucky we are we can enjoy eating wherever we go.
I am not going to turn this post into a drama because the title indicates " happiness".
This wont be an article that will tackle food insecurity.
Neither will I  list the countries and number of people suffering from hunger, drought and food borne diseases.
You can find those in FAO's reports, UN 's statements, government's regulations ....etc.

My blog  is just a place for thoughts.. a place to bring comfort and peace  for all my readers. Not a place for redundant data and helpless statistics. ( Not that I don't appreciate all agencies working on collecting vital information but sometimes i feel that nothing is changing in this world.)

So, let us take a moment and think about this :
Happiness surely comes from food. So,  let us always be thankful that we  have this pleasure all the time.
Let us not grumble if that food had less salt, or if that plate had a hair in it, or if the juice wasn't cold enough.
Just accept it. And be in peace with what life has to offer you :)

All these thoughts rushed through my mind , as  i was  I looking at  some pictures I took in summer 2010 of a bumble bee struggling to bite a piece of bread! :). I was pretty sure it was grateful hundred times more than us that it found this bread to help her go through the day.
So, Let us have this " Bumble Bee Happiness"

Bumble Bee Munching a Bread Crump

P.S :I was glad it didnt transform into the Transformer's Bumble bee  car though :P

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