March 13, 2011

Food Under the Microscope...Is The New Chic!

Margarita Crystals
 So, I thought since i always talk about food, and just describe it under what my naked eyes see  ( or other senses) .. I did some research  online and  about  how it actually looks like  under the microscope!
Did i just say "Mircoscope" ??? Isn't it too much  geeky?
Not Really. It is somehow Keegy !!! ( yes this word exists in the urban dictionary)
We will not to be seeing bacteria or any live organisms in them ( I promise that)  but  we will actually observe some food's unique structures, the unique dimensions they take ,  their helical, their crystals and the exquisite patterns they show...

Well, observe the below  collection ( and below links) and you will find how "Food Under the Microscope" turns out to be an art by  itself!!!!
And you never know, perhaps fashion designers might get some inspiration out of these colorful patterns !
So, afterall Geek is the new  " Chic" ;)

Wheat Kernel
Pina Collada
L-Arginine ( amino acid)
Liquor -Sake

Vitamin C

Want to know more how "Rose , Tequila, vodka, whiskey, Champagne,white russian and other drinks" look under the microscope???? Check this link on the Times Magazine!

Want to "explore the new world of high-tech, science-inspired cuisine"??? Check the link  on Sciam :

Want to be a little more nerdy and learn what Technology they use to observe food in that way ??? Check the below link!

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