January 28, 2012

Chocolate Bars made from Camel Milk

For those who are living in the United Arabs of Emirate, you have probably tried it.
But for someone who is living in Lebanon , where there are no camels, and no camel milk production, this is something "exotic".

A month ago I talked about localization of food products and how it is crucial that Food industries focus on what the consumers in their markets need rather on what it is more likely to import . A an example I tweeted was a new product : the "Camel Milk Icecream". Here is a business review from the dairy products website about Al-ain wanting to launch icecream from camel milk.

So, a week ago, my friend wanted me to try the chocolate bars made from Camel Milk . The chocolate bars were produced by  "Nasma" company.

It was 70 % dark chocolate ,which means less camel milk in it.
 The taste was just the same as the normal milk chocolate bars. There was no "milky" or " fat" flavor. I wouldnt have recognized that it wasn't cow milk. There was no different ingredient than the normal chocolate bars except Honey which perhaps covered any off flavor.
 Though my friend noted it had an aftertaste, but I couldn't detect anything .
Well, from my own experience, tasting is a a complex judgment. A product cant be judged solely from a person or even from one time only. This sensory experience is influenced by many factors mostly our psychology and the environment surrounding us.

Corrine from the Gourmantic Website, described eating the Camel Milk Chocolate as such" The whole milk chocolate variety, which formed the barometer of taste for me, was a pleasant and mild taste, not too milky or too rich. The chocolate was smooth and released more of it flavour as it melted in my mouth. I particularly liked the delicate spices of Arabia pieces, mild enough not to overpower the taste of the chocolate yet distinctive enough to enjoy."

Here is the video of the Nasma company talking about their Chocolate bars! So vivid and full of culture and traditions.


Would you try this?
Or Have you tried Camel Milk? Or Camel Milk Chocolate? What do you think of the taste?
Share your sensory experience here!

Bon Apetite,


  1. I'd heard about this chocolate but never tried it although I lived in the Emirates for a while :P
    I think I'd give it a try, i wonder what it tastes like.

  2. heheh Aline have the guts and try it ;)
    let someone there to send u some :P

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