January 23, 2012

January News & Announcements

Pearl's Powder blogger  was interviewed by  the Gate's Magazine for the January Issue !

 Thanks  to Lana from L' Armoire De Lana for giving me this opportunity. ( If you love fashion ,you might want to check her  glamorous blog! )

Link to Loulwa Kalach's Interview with the Gate Magazine

Also you might also what to check Paty M from PatyMsNutritionWorld to read her post about the " Social Media Changing Lives"  thank you dinner for all those who participated in the Conference.
The dinner was hosted by Amarress and organized by AUB's Online Collaborative.
(Link to the Post)

Also the NGO Online Collaborative was announced by the Founder/CEO Mohamad Hijazi .
Also Mohamad announced the new president of the AUB Chapter (Loulwa Kalache or me)

 Credit Pictures of the Event :

The AUB OC Team ( Not all were present though!! )

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