February 21, 2012

Latest Food Products :February Issue

2012 seems to be on fire for the latest introduction of food products, here is a list I collected of the top news of the Food and Beverage Industry , lead by the most renowned  world brands : Nestle, Pepsico, Kellog's, Mars.....etc
This is getting exciting. I hope more products will be launched, atleast I would love to venture trying them!
Which product do you like from below ?
And  do you think they will succeed?
  1. "The Magic of Italian Cappuccino" Nestle's Research and developement team introduced this foam booster for all coffee lovers who would like their coffee to be somehow similar to the coffee they order at Coffee Shops:

 Nestle says that  "Foam Booster granules are tiny particles of carbohydrates and proteins that are full of minute holes. The holes are filled at high pressure with nitrogen gas – which is the main component of air. Nitrogen is trapped in the Foam Booster at about 35 times atmospheric pressure – 15 to 20 times the pressure in car tyres. The nitrogen is not released until it comes in to contact with hot water, lifting the creamer to the surface to form an instant milky foam. The coffee stays below to form the brown base. The result? A perfect cappuccino".

2.  " 7up Ten Just for Men" : Launching of 7Up-10!
The 10-calorie soft drink generated quite a bit of Internet buzz with a USA ad campaign that proclaims it is simply "not for women."

3. " Music's Halo Effect on Icecream!" : Mars has outlined a music-based experiential marketing strategy to revitalise its ice cream brands in a bid to re-connect with consumers, after a period of reduced marketing activity

4. "Pringles has new owners!"Kellog's held a $2.7 billion deal with Proctor and Gamble Co. to buy Pringles potato crisps aims to satisfy a hunger for more diversification and instantly makes it a player in overseas snacking. 
This is a big deal in the food industry as  Kellog's had always been focused on "cereal" based products only.

Reuters  ( Feb 16) : "Mars corporation will stop selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories in them by the end of 2012.
The company, which also makes M&Ms and Skittles candies and Juicy Fruit chewing gum, said the goal is part of an ongoing effort to improve the nutritional value of its products and to sell them in a responsible way.
Mars has also said it will reduce sodium levels in all its products 25 percent by 2015..

Bloomberg ( Feb 15) : Pepsico Inc. has a strategy to sell more Tropicana brand OJ: Add water to its new products.Some consumers prefer orange juice that’s less thick. Others want juice with the “goodness” of oranges and fewer calories, said PepsiCo Global Beverages Chief Massimo D’Amore.
Beware Godiva Chocoalte! you have a rival now! And it is the most mass market chocolate bars producer: Nestle. KitKat bars wont be the only production as the company  is trying to get a bigger piece of the growing market for fancier sweets. Its idea: customized confections.
This step was a response to a survey they conducted inorder to satisfy the  quest by consumers for value, for more affordable product, but also for products that overtake their expectations.
Maison Cailler Luxury Product

Companies and Brands Mentioned:
  1. Mars
  2. Nestle
  3. Proctor and Gamble
  4. Pepsico
  5. Kellog's
  6. Tropicana
  7. Pringles
  8.  7Up

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