September 4, 2012

Vintage Vs Current Food Ads

"If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative." -David Ogilvy

I am always curious to keep tracking of food ads. Yes ads are there for persuasion and selling a product.   They  indicate how much the food and beverage industry have improved in terms of quality, processing and marketing.So ads do represent the science behind the food. At the same time, they definitely say how much a society developed, and changed drastically its mentality regarding Food. 
Ads are always a representation of the current status Que  of the food and eating culture.

When comparing current food product ads with vintage ones, they do say about the cultural shiftsthat have occurred  in terms of  need and demand to different kinds of food, to a different aspect of eating and taking care of one's body.
One proof is that  the century of "western diseases" ( the last 100 years) is hopefully coming to an end with more nutritional awareness spreading.  One can notice this in food ads that were promoting bad food habits, to the current food ads that actually care about health and advertise the "good" ingredients... Though no one can deny that there still remains some ads that can truly disregard one's health....

These vintage ads show how much the advertisements where jeopardizing one's health: Coke for Kids? and Lard as a food for happiness? See them below and compare some to the current ones!

Putting Carbonated Sweet beverages with Milk isnt  a good thing moms!

Canned food is not much consumed as before.. The trend currently is for fresh food!

Another sweetened  carbonated beverage that target kids!

They are happy because they ate Lard!Really??

Some Selected Current ads! 

An ad  for fresh food for babies. "Never frozen"

hmm....Not really healthy.....

An ad that targets the texture/quality of butter! Lovee it!

An ad for organic tomatoes! We def. wouldn't have seen this 50 years ago!

Coke changed totally its target markets from kids/moms to teenagers and youth!



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