October 13, 2012

Food Blessed : A CSR in Action

If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your

head a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of this world.

12.7% is the average percentage of hungry people in the Arab region.

In Lebanon, the population living under the poverty line reaches 28.6 %. HUGE amounts of food are being thrown away after almost every event. People always feel the urge to take action, to find a solution, to not
throw away untouched food, but most of the cases they just don’t know
where to turn to!!

53 % of consumers are willing to pay extra for dealing with a company who is socially responsible.
Ideas are worthless unless one finds the courage and acts upon them.

3 social activists saw a problem and decided to do something about it. They saw it as an opportunity to make a greater good!

BY aiming at 'feeding the hungry, one meal at a time', this is exactly what the foodblessed team has done..

This is HOW they do it:

  1. Foodblessed partners with catering companies- during an event, surplus food that is still in excellent condition is distributed via local NGOs to the families in need residing in the vicinity of where the event is taking place.
  2. Foodblessed partners with restaurants, who can:
  • Provide us with their surplus food
  • Provide us with monthly meal voucher
  • Provide us with monthly hot meals
  • Contribute to our FOOD FUND :
  • For instance, when the customer purchases the meal with our logo on it, the restaurant will automatically donate a set amount from the price of the meal.
    Preparing  a box of food supplies to be sent

     3.   Foodblessed partners with major food manufacturing companies, can:
  • donate food items including canned food etc…( part of foodblessed Mouneh package)
    One of the food companies donating its packaged products

In 4vmonths, Foodblessed partnered with 5 restaurants, 3 catering companies,
5 NGOs , and fed more than ''1200'' people in need, all, one meal at a time!

Foodblessed 's board uses the consultancy of three experts to mitigate the Food safety challenge ( partnering
with experts in the field, transporting the surplus food using refrigerated vehicles and storing the surplus food in refrigerators to ensure a minimum amount of food poisoning cases).

They established partnership with two design agencies for the creation of the brand image and website, and they got many supporters over social media and on the field.
They are currently working on more than seven promising projects for the short term

And today FoodBlessed just won first prize in the CSR in Action Lebanon-Group Lebanon for its original idea and for having a huge impact on the community in such a small period of time!

The team in food blessed encourages everyone even if you are not working in the food industry , you can still help them :

 Spread the word = spread the love

Via word of mouth and social media outlets

Share the FOOD = Share the LOVE

Call us if you have extra food on your hands


Foodblessed needs an extra hand in packing and distributing our monthly fb food packages.
Send them  an email to foodblessed@gmail.com or info@foodblessed.org


  • Amal Al Daouk- Blogger @ When Hope Speaks
    "When the team first told me about their initiative I was happy that I just met 3 more people who want to make a difference. But never did it cross my mind how big this can grow into and how big the number of needy people in Lebanon is. What foodblessed does today can, will & must grow into a regional movement, by which needy people aren't left alone to suffer and waste of resources, specifically food, is minimized. I have loads of respect and admiration for what these wonderful individuals have managed to achieve in such little time and I feel blessed when I get to help them in any way possible"

  • Jana Tabet form Fleur de Lys:
    ''Working with a catering company for almost 2 years now, I always used to feel bad at the end of the events we catered. While a very big number of people in Lebanon are living under the poverty line, huge amounts of food were being thrown away after almost every event. I always felt the urge to take action, to find a solution. But I did not know who to turn to. Until I saw one day on my homepage on facebook that a friend liked a page called "foodblessed". The page title drew my attention and I started reading about it on facebook. I immediately called Mr. Charles Costantine who informed me about the procedure to follow. This is how the partnership of Fleur De Lys with foodblessed has started. After the events, food for at least 30 people was collected by a nearby association and distributed to those in need. This partnership makes me proud. Well done guys. For a partnership that will last...''

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