October 3, 2014

Top 10 Things to buy from Medina


Top 10 Things to buy from Medina:

Madina is indeed as its name as "Radiant" city, full of life, colors and tranquility !
Apart of the spiritual journey one takes in the Prophet's mosque and in its other mosques, one has to do some serious shopping there! From rugs, perfumes, scarves, beads, to dates and to Gold! 

1. Arabic Perfume: wide range of authentic perfume oils made from Oud, Misk, ...etc as well as Bakhoor (woodchips soaked in frangrant oil and burnt)

2. Home Decor Items
, with religious designs for the wall or desk 

3. Dates: surely it is a city with Palms farms

4. Prayer Beads: 

5. Beautiful Scarves:

From Kashmere to Cotton and Silk Scarves, whatever suits your budget!

6.  Rugs, for prayer or Walls

7. Beautiful Ornamental Arabic Styled Faux Bijoux (Accessories) and Beads

8. Gold! It is cheaper than outside...

9. Local Mint : known as نعنع المدينة

It has long leaves and powerful smell. Try it with your tea and the flavors will be infused within seconds

10. Last but not Least, AlBaik, local chain

Though originally from Jeddah city, this local Kentucky Like chain has been booming in the last 10 years with around 50 chains in the western region only.... It is cheap and well oily food. Yet, everyone wants to try it and eat there! Plus, you can barely find a really good (clean) place to eat , apart of the hotel. So you really dont wana miss it! Your friends will def. ask you if you tried it or not! ;)

Fried Chicken , Shrimps and Fries.

OTHER: Anything Random from the Street Market: 

Me wearing a moroccon kaftan abaya


  1. Salam. Nice article. It would be great if you could also include prices and shop names to compliment your article!

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