October 6, 2014

Butcher Shop & Grill : From South Africa to Arabian Peninunsula

The Butcher Shop &GRILL is the iconic chain of restaurants that incorporates a meat butchery within the restaurant!  It was established in 1996 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
This distinction was the brainchild of Alan Pick, an industry veteran of over 40 years whose immense knowledge of butchery was pivotal for the Butcher Shop &GRILL's success. The concept of The Butcher Shop & GRILL  is more than just a restaurant: it allows customers to come by anytime during the day to buy superior meat from the retail butchery, or even take some meat home with them following their meal at the restaurant.

 It is rated a top restaurant in South Africa, selling an average of 8 to 12 tonnes of meat per week. 
B S&G expanded to UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain and recently KSA in the last few years.

The Butchery Display: Fresh Cut Meats served and cooked straight away to the plate.

Fillet Tenderloin Steak (240 g) for 128 Riyals.

I visited Butcher Shop & GRILL, Tahlia Street, Riyadh last month, on a Friday i.e during weekend. We waited for 20 minutes as the restaurant was full. I considered this a good sign. The receptionist was kind and the staff were as well. Very hospitable and warm and smiling from accommodating us to our table, during our order and while we left.
The food reminded me of Nando's  (when it was open in Hamra street). Though Nando's is more focused on chicken, marination and sauces, but some meals are very common. And both concepts are originally from South Africa.

The menu of BS&G features tender, juicy steaks, slow roasted prime rib, the freshest of salads and irresistible desserts. 
The Butcher Shop & GRILL prides itself in carefully selecting the meat they import (all meat is Halal)  so they can offer the best cuts right from the source. Aging the meat under the right conditions is the key for a delicious meal. They have designated chillers designed especially for the aging and storing of meat, which helps gauge when the meat has reached its peak and is at its best to be served. 
The meat is never frozen and only kept in chilled storage, thus maintaining the texture and consistency for a tender cut of meat. The food is home-cooked and prepared right away, on the premises. 

Average per person: 40$ ( 130 -150 Riyals)

Download the Meat and BBQ guide: 

Espetada : combination of marinated beef cubes, served on a hanging skewer, with garlic butter and garlic potatoes

Bread and sauce on the house, served with cherry cheese, chickpeas and sausage ( free appetizers)

Prawn Quinoa Salad; Super food quinoa tossed with argula,  cherry tomato, & avocado, topped with prawns and served with a tangy dressing
Cheese Burger with coleslaw. Classical meal!

Located on Tahlia Street, Facing Localizer Mall the view from the closed terrace area
Me fighting with the meat? :P

There is no indication, what so ever, they are open in KSA! 
Even a social media page or tripadvisor page, is not available!

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