December 28, 2008

The " MaL" message:

This was my first angry hopeless message i have written in my life :S
Here it goes:


I speak not as the " MaL" of AUB's UNESCO CLUB but rather as a human being seeing people suffering with no one to stand by them.. none to cry out their suffering.

Yes you know what i am talking abt.

You might skip this message ,,but i beg you to continue reading...

You might think we cant change a thing in GHAZA....but at least we can make those who are ignorant and dont have a sense about whats goin in this world ..see it..

Yes I am feeling hopeless like everyone else .Yes i feel a hypocrite because i can not do anything and i am just talking.. But i am begging each one of u to have his own demonstration against whats happening:

1) You can Sing for them
2)You can pray with every Kneel you make.
3) You can cry if you want
4)You can light a candle
5) You can pray more and more
6) You can demonstrate through BLOGS, FACEBOOK, send messages, hotmail,msn chat with ur friends abt it ..I dunnoo..

7) YOU CAN FORWARD THIS MESSAGE to ur FRIENDS..or just write a shorter one...and send it !!

DO WATEVER u want..!
cose there will come a time where those children and those martyrs...will ask you what did you do?
What will be your answer?

Thanks for taking your time to read this message,


A Human Being.

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