December 24, 2008

The Process ...

Process of what? Process of chocolate manufacturing? No .hehhe though i had a very long project on this topic .. It is the process of applying to graduate schools!
It 's an overwhelming, time-consuming process.That's causing insomnia, Phobia , and many other psychological symptoms.
First, you have to study all summer for the GRE., apply it in October, then you remember since your mother language is not English; you're required to do TOEFL..Then, you have to begin searching or at least continue searching for Universities. Surf the internet for fellowship programs, scholarships, access embassies websites for any available opportunities, or google your major (LOL) along with the country you want to continue your studies..Sometimes you end up with nothing , sometimes you catch one or two..
( Please note that I am not trying scare anyone or nag on anyone's head )..
No its not a fishing technique, i reassert to you, it's a "PROCESS": beginning with the available ingredients : your GPA, your experience, and all these stuff..Then the steps: aptitude tests, searching engines, filling online applications, begging for recommendation letters, writing the strenuous never ending ESSAYs : about your personal statement, then your personal history and you future plans..As if they expect that the students are 40 years old and have enough date to fill these essays !!! Along with this process comes the control tests. just like temperatures , their are deadlines !! You have to abide by them otherwise , your product is either simply :
1) A waste that there is no way back..( all work gone for good)
2) A waste but can be reworked again for another semester.
3) A waste by choosing the worst choice....( i mean here by losing your opportunity to the BEST school and choosing the only available for you)

..I cant write anymore..Cause i still didnt get the product..i am still in the arduous processing step.
I will get to there later in a later post

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