December 29, 2008

Keep Waiting

The hardest moment in life are those when you have to wait.

Because your in a confusing state..NO NO ..i cant even describe it as a state...cause a state can be interchangeable. But waiting , it is " STAGNANCY" of body, soul, and mind..

To be Waiting is like being a Ghost.. ..You cant go to hell neither to heaven ..You have to wait till your curse is broken.

As i began writing this post, i wanted to write about waiting for Peace...This deferred dream of all suffering humans in the world..Will the day come when we see that all madness have ceased?

But as i continued to elaborate more, thoughts just shattered...actually they just got narrower!!. They became evolving around my personal life.....How selfish the human being is !! He even turns his thoughts for himself..why should he care about bigger issues that are hopeless.

Yes that's how my post twisted from writing about a WORLDWIDE issue into a personal one!!

Maybe i will just wait for thoughts to come again and write about it again...or maybe not.

I am waiting for the bird with a leaf in her mouth ...If you see her coming, tell the world please.

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