December 22, 2009

Thoughts, like Spices

Spices have a long history ; they were the most luxurious products and they were widely traded between cultures..Even religious books like the bible, and the poem of king Solomon refer to spices.
Indeed, their function range between adding flavor to food, changing its color and even to preserving food ..

I rememeber a story that my Food Chemistry teacher told me about which is that hot chilli pepper was primarily added in Indian food to cover the bad flavor of the food which is usually of low quality because of poverty. Maybe that's how spices became later essential & inevitable in certain foods.

But the magic of spices is in their blending! This is called " Masala". Actually, mastering the art of cooking is in knowing how to blend different spices.

Primarily, the subject of this post is not about spices. Indeed, just like spices add a distinct flavor to foods, so do my thoughts.
I believe that i just have random thoughts that are sometimes not even related and i blend them all together and come with a personal message or a song or even a paragraph.
Some might say its non-sense, others might say its creativity. But i just say it's me & i love Spicing thoughts!!!!

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