December 18, 2009

Pandora , the other planet

I watched the premier of " Avatar" movie on wednesday Dec 16 ( a day before it was released world wide). Lebanon was the first to premiere it. That was wierd.
I wont be reviewing it, cause you can google it and read all the millions of reviews about it!! . Neither do i want to spoil anything . I just want to express my awe, my wonder . WOWWWW!! What a great movie. It deserved those 10 years that the director, James Cameron , worked on.
Everything was in such harmony , the characters, the dialogue( though a bit cliche), the music, the colors, the language and the visual effects ---and most importantly the 3D spectacular effects.
Everything makes you believe that it's not a sci-fic movie, that Pandora actually exists, the Navi's are like any native tribe ,that humans can normally travel in speed of light. Throughout the movie you don't have this thought " what are they talking about!! Those things don't exist !! Do you want to believe??" ..hehhe. I guess this was the intelligence of this movie, that this whole imaginary world and people DO exist (well maybe not now but after a couple of years).
I dont deny all the critics that claim that the theme maybe be old too (like Apocalypto or Pocahontas) .
When i left the cinema, i remembered 2012..Well i didnt believe this movie ..hehe Not a single event that occured in it..especially that The world will end! But "avatar" convinced me more, it gave me a vivid REAL imagination ,that someday , humans will invade another planet, out of greed, destroy it and terrorize its natives . That someday humans will loose against nature and its ever-flowing energy.

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