December 26, 2009

I whispered to the leaves :)

Nature? Should it be really called " NAture". For me it has a supernatural power , a power that makes me just get "magnetically" attracted to it .Why?
is it becaus of it is purity ? its smell? its bountiful colors?..or is it just its simplicity.

But nature is complex!! . For me, i cant explain it. Its a force, it drags me to it . It leaves me in awe. It gives me dreams , hopes, prayers, tears.

I am actually not a "tree hugger" by nature..I dont follow a way of living ( like environmentalist, or pacifist or...etc). But i love to experience everything in this short life.
Today was the third time this year that i plant trees. This would be the last time in 2009! .

When i dig , I put the small baby plant in the whole, i kiss it. I whisper to the leaves :" Let the light be upon you, let the water flow to you.. So when you grow up, and when you turn to the sun, remember me ..remember to pray for me .. that one day i want to grow up like you, i want to turn my head to the sun... to see the light, the truth :)"...

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