December 27, 2010

Inspired and Retired (Food Markets)

Though there are plenty of striking books that I have read and are beyond doubt considered an inspiration for me in food writing.

But there is one particular book .
It is not a narrative, nor an autobiography, neither a coaching book.
Food Markets of the World , is a book with an idiosyncratic adventure, that takes us to  60 different markets around the world. Markets that span from   from the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington, to the olive vats of Palermo, to the markets of the south of France, and to the Amish markets of Pennsylvania
The book entices all our senses as we flip through the pictures Nelli Sheffer took and through the description of the prominent food critic Mimi Sheraton.

Mimi Sheraton  makes us feel that we are really roaming these markets with her, choosing the herbs, picking the exquisite vegetables, buying those spices,  bargaining over those fresh fish with the sellers .Indeed, a cultural and historical experience that encourages us to visit these traditional markets  and explore somehow their secrets. Mimi also provides us with recipes and information of some exclusive local foods of these markets.

Nelli Sheffer's  eccentric photographs cannot , but  make these markets alive . The lure of each  place is seen  in the book, such as the  Delhi spice vendor asleep among overflowing sacks of fiery red chilies and heaps of burnished orange turmeric.

Nevertheless, many critized this book as it lacks so much information and it is not really satisfying in terms of its writing and that the photos weren’t alluring to some readers.

It got a rating 3/5  from goodreads website.

However, personally, i consider this book inspired me to start this whole photoblogging activity. So, I took few photos of some of the three markets i visited  so far and i will be posting them separately later. 
And perhaps, when I am retired  or hopefully before, I will inaugurate in this voyage to visit the local markets of each country in the world, because it is these places you learn the essence of authentic and traditional foods. And It is that such places, that teach you the nativity of the land , and the folklore of the locals.


(This photo is the property of the Publisher of the Book)
Publisher Notes:
In Food Markets of the World, noted author and food critic Mimi Sheraton conducts an international tour through a full itinerary of marketplaces, introducing each region and sharing recipes, market lore, and colorful anecdotes about local culinary traditions. And photographer Nelli Sheffer has traveled the globe to capture in stunning images the spice merchants of Delhi, the floating vegetable stalls of the Mekong Delta, the olive vats of Palermo, the Amish farmers of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and more. Included are markets in China, Egypt, Brazil, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania, the United States, and Vietnam.
Published October 1997 by Harry N Abrams
more details... ISBN 0810911841 (ISBN13: 9780810911840)

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